Things to Consider When Backpacking Australia

Australia is a great destination for all kinds of tourists. The country receives a lot of backpackers around the year. There are many good reasons why people visit Australia: there is a stable political system, low crime rate and a lot of unusual phenomena to be observed. However, there are certain potential hazards you should be aware of before you go backpacking Australia.


The first thing you should know is that Australian weather is different from European and North American weather. The sun in Australia is very strong. That means that you should wear a hat and a shirt all the time when out in order to avoid damage to your skin. Always wear sunglasses when out and avoid being out in the middle of the day when the sun is strongest. This applies even to cloudy days. Apply sunscreen lotion several times a day when out.


Australia is one place where fires are very common. They start naturally by themselves due to the heat from the sun. That is why the city of Sydney is referred to as the fire capital of the world – one of the Sydney travel tips for you. Always look out for fire risks in the media before you set out for any location. If you have to make a fire, make sure it is completely out before you leave. Keep a fire extinguisher with you when out.

Strong Currents

Even though Australia has a lot of beautiful beaches where swimming can be very enjoyable, there is a hidden danger from very strong currents known as rips. Another possible danger for swimmers is sharks. Although shark attacks are rare due to shark netting, it could be deadly. In order to avoid these dangers, always swim between the yellow and red flags which determine the safest places to swim. It is not safe swimming alone, under the influence of alcohol or at night.


The rivers and estuaries are habitats for crocodiles in northern Australia. These crocodiles usually change habitat through the sea. That further makes swimming dangerous. It is therefore not safe swimming in rivers and landlocked water bodies. Look out for warning signs when walking along crocodile habitats.

Poisonous animals

During the months of November to April, tropical waters in Australia are infested with marine stingers. You must therefore only swim in special enclosures set up on popular beaches. People who are bushwalking or hiking should beware of snakes and spiders. When you are bitten, seek medical help immediately because there are anti venoms available. Death from such bites is rare due to the availability of anti venoms.

These are not information made to scare you. They are to prepare you for a safe and enjoyable stay in Australia.

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